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Prof. Anton Schleiss presents HYDROPOWER EUROPE at the 11th ICOLD Europe Symposium in Crete, Greece

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Prof. Anton Schleiss was invited as a keynote speaker at the 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium in Chania, Crete, 2-4 October 2019 which attracted about 200 participants. The keynote entitled ‘The importance of hydropower development for the energy transition in Europe’ was given on October 3, 2019. Prof. Schleiss highlighted that hydropower has still still a considerable untapped potential in Europe and has all the characteristics to serve as an excellent catalyst for a successful energy transition. However, this will require a more flexible, efficient, environmentally and socially acceptable approach to increasing hydropower production to complement wind and solar energy production. He made also a futuristic outlook on technological developments in the hydropower sector until 2050.

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