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What Research and Innovation are Needed to Tap More Hidden Hydro Opportunities in the Future?

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Dates: 28/02/2022 14:00 CET - 28/02/2022 16:00 CET

Online Workshop: 28th February 2022: 14:00 – 16:00 CET

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The IEA Technology Cooperation Programme (TCP) on Hydropower (also known as IEA Hydro) is a working group of the International Energy Agency's member countries and others that have a common interest in advancing hydropower worldwide. Under the work programme Annex XVI “Hidden Hydro” is addressed work by four subtasks namely: 1) Updating Sustainable Hydropower Inventories; 2) Improving Performance from Existing Hydropower; 3) Adding Power to “Non-power Dams” and Water Management Facilities and 4) Hydropower Technology Research and Innovation in the context of “Hidden” Hydropower opportunities.

In the framework of subtask 4 and in collaboration with the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum an online kick-off workshop “What research and innovation are needed to tap more hidden hydro opportunities in future?” is organized. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss potential innovative research and development initiatives in the field of “Hidden and Untapped Hydropower Opportunities in Existing Infrastructures” that can contribute to the development of a future oriented research and innovation agenda. The latter should formulate needs for further technology development to maximize the future use of the potential of sustainable hidden hydropower. 

After a brief introduction of TCP Hydropower, a short presentation of Annex XVI and quick overview of subtasks 1,2 & 3 will be given. Then the Research and Innovation Agenda for Hydropower Development in Europe as developed by the Hydropower Europe Forum will be briefly presented with focus on Hidden Hydro.  Then the potential input from subtasks 1 to 3 will be presented for the regions Europe, Asia and North America.  The online workshop will be closed with roundtable involving all speakers and chairs and discussing the question how a future oriented research and Innovation agenda can be developed for Hidden Hydro. 

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Contact: Anton Schleiss
Contact Email: info@hydropower-europe.eu
Contact Phone:
Address: Online
Status: Final

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