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Prof. Anton Schleiss at the 7th IAHR Europe Congress (Greece)

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Prof. Anton Schleiss, from the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD - CIGB), was invited as a keynote speaker for the opening session og the 7th IAHR Europe Congress in Greece. This year's congress was dedicated to the "Innovative Water Management in a changing climate", which provided a platform for professionals, researchers, scientists and engineers in the sector of hydro, to exchange best practices to face the climate and environmental challenges that societies are facing in the last years. This allows the younger generations learn from traditional ways and show innovative solutions in matters related to climate change, specially in those aspects linked to water management and hydraulic research and its applications.

Dr. Schleiss opened the session on the 7 September 2022 with the presentation "Research and Innovation Agenda for hydropower as a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe". The participants agreed that hydropower in Europe could be enhanced at least by 20% in order to contribute to a safe and independent electricity supply in Europe strongly contributing as a catalyst to the urgent energy transition. The focus of the talk was to present the research opportunities for the hydro-environment research and engineering community based on the RIA.


Prof. Anton Schleiss during his keynote presentation at the 7th IAHR Europe Congress (Greece)


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