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HydroES - Hydropower and Environmental Sustainability - Hydropower as a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe

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Dates: 22/09/2021 - 24/09/2021


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The HydroES 2021 conference is part of a conference series organized by the SHF over the past ten years with many French and European partners and sponsors. This 7th session will be devoted to "Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe" in partnership with the Hydropower Europe Forum and France Hydro Electricité (FHE). A full day, on September 22, is dedicated to the dissemination of the results of the Research and Innovation Agenda and the Strategic Industry Roadmap, prepared for Europe, by the HYDROPOWER EUROPE forum.

In the field of energy production, hydroelectricity remains an excellent tool to support the energy transition and the fight against global warming. Hydropower alone produces three quarters of renewable electricity in the world and still has strong development potential. The hydropower sector should contribute in a major way towards decarbonizing electricity generation systems and should continue to play an important role in economic development. 

However, it is clear that the deployment of hydroelectricity encounters a number of obstacles and resistance linked, in particular, to better consideration of environmental and societal issues.


The objective of this conference is to present technical, scientific and innovation progress in this sector, for consideration when addressing these obstacles. It is about highlighting the role and advantages of hydroelectricity in an energy system that is undergoing significant change. This conference will attempt to shed new light on the following questions: 

Faced with the increase in power supply from intermittent renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.), the flexibility of hydropower means that hydroelectricity can play a significant role in regulating the electricity network? 

  • What place in there for innovation in hydroelectricity? 
  • What is the hydroelectric power station of the future? 
  • How does the digital revolution and smart grids affect the future? 
  • How does the pressure of climate change affect water resources and multi-use of reservoirs? 
  • What are the solutions for storing hydro energy: WWTP, batteries, hydrogen,…?
  • How should we rehabilitate an ageing European portfolio of hydropower dams? 
  • How can we improve the acceptability of hydroelectric projects: more transparency, more safety and security…? 


The event runs from 22-24th September 2021 comprising:

22nd September 2021

A special one-day session will be allocated to the presentation of the work of the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum set up by the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. It will introduce the conclusions from the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum’s extensive programme of consultation and planning.

  • Session 1:     Challenges for hydropower in Europe today
  • Session 2:     Needs for research and development – The Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA)
  • Session 3:     Supporting Industry – Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR)
  • Session 4:     The future of the Hydropower Europe Forum
More details and registration  for the September 22nd event here.

23rd - 24th September 2021   

Sessions about the business issues of hydroelectricity in general and small hydroelectricity in particular: 

  • Optimization of operating and maintenance tools
  • Hydroelectricity and climate change
  • Environment and society
  • Hydropower, innovation and intermittent renewable energy services 
    • PhD student pitch competition with H2O 

Programme details can be found here in English and French

More details and registration HydroES Conference, September 23-24th here.

Whilst the events are being run together at the same venue, separate registration is needed for participation in both events.

Contact: Janire Garcia
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Country: France
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