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EVENT: Developments and biodiversity of watercourses. 8-10 November 2022

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"Aménagements et biodiversité des cours d’eau" (EN: "Developments and Biodiversity of watercourses") is a conference organised by the Societé Hydrotechnique de France (SHF), next 8-10 November 2022 in Strasbourg, France.

About the conference:

This conference will aim to discuss the interactions of the developments related to watercourses and how it affects the quality of the ecosystems around them. Concretely:

    • What are the researches involved to diagnose the problems
    • Remediation issues and approaches, and feedback on them
    • Nature-based solutions and other natural infrastructures
    •  Eco-design of hydro-electric schemes and hydraulic structures in rivers,
    • Riverbank protection and vegetation engineering
    • Environmental integration of flood protection and mobilisation of flood expansion fields or overflooding areas, from catchment to local scale
    • Fishways, bypass rivers and other renaturation solutions;
    • Management of artificial lakes and dam reservoirs;
More information about the event and how to register:  HERE

Colloque amenagements diversité

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