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> LAST DAYS TO REGISTER! HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum Dissemination Event in series with the HydroES 2021 conference in Lyon

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The HYDROPOWER EUROPE project is built on the ambition to achieve a research and innovation agenda and a strategic industry roadmap for the hydropower sector, based on the synthesis of technical fora and transparent public debates through a forum that gathers all relevant stakeholders of the hydropower sector. Following this vision over the past 2 years, the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum has been created to facilitate communication with all stakeholders within the European hydropower sector. The Forum now comprises nearly 600 different representatives and has been active in helping to develop the hydropower research and innovation agenda and strategic industry roadmap.

A special one-day session will be held – in series with the HydroES 2021 conference in Lyon - to introduce the conclusions from this extensive programme of consultation and planning. Participation in this day event is free, whether online or in person.

The HydroES 2021 hybrid conference runs from 22-24th September 2021, will present the progress of scientific research and technical innovations aimed at better understanding and overcoming these issues. Participation to this event can be either online or in person at ENS, Lyon.

See here for full programme details

22nd September 2021 - HYDROPOWER EUROPE Dissemination Event

Introducing the conclusions from the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum’s extensive programme of consultation and planning.

Session 1:     Challenges for hydropower in Europe today
Session 2:     Needs for research and development – The Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA)
Session 3:     Supporting Industry – Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR)
Session 4:     The future of the Hydropower Europe Forum

Registration is free but mandatory. Register HERE

23rd - 24th September 2021 - HydroES 2021 Conference Days

Sessions about the business issues of hydroelectricity in general and small hydroelectricity in particular: 

  • Optimization of operating and maintenance tools
  • Hydroelectricity and climate change
  • Environment and society
  • Hydropower, innovation and intermittent renewable energy services 

Details about registration and payment HERE 


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