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HYDROPOWER EUROPE presented at the Opening Session of HYDRO 2019 in Porto, Portugal

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During the opening session of the Hydro 2019 conference: Concept to closure: Practical steps in Porto, Portugal, 14 October 2019. Prof. Anton Schleiss and Jean-Jacques Fry were invited to present in a keynote address the latest results of the HYDROPOWER EUROPE project.

The presentation was entitled "Hydropower as a catalyst for the successful energy transition in Europe" and addressed, besides the situation of hydropower in Europe, mainly the mission of HYDROPOWER EUROPE with the outcomes of the three regional workshops regarding input to the Strategic Industrial Roadmap (SIR) and Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) which are under wide stakeholder consultation. Hydro 2019 gathered about 1300 delegates from 80 countries and is the most important hydropower event carried out every year in Europe.

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