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How can you participate in HYDROPOWER EUROPE consultation?

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All stakeholders are invited to participate in the HYDROPOWER EUROPE forum. Two online consultations and three regional workshop consultations have already been organized last year, providing a wealth of ideas for innovation and industrial actions for the hydropower sector in the coming decades. 

On the basis of these ideas, the first list of research directions and a first strategic industry roadmap to be launched in Europe will be drawn up and submitted for further consultation (February to July 2020). 

This is when all stakeholders will be able to react by commenting, amending these first drafts and filling in any gaps.  This contribution to the review and completion of the two main deliverables of the Forum will take place in September-October 2020.

Moreover, all stakeholders are invited to participate in the online consultation process and to provide feedback and recommendations for the future of hydropower in Europe as a catalyst for the energy transition.

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