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Cluster workshop of European hydropower projects

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The management team of Hydropower Europe project represented by Anton SCHLEISS, Lead of Hydropower Europe, and Jean-Jacques FRY, President of the European Club of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), participated in the workshop organised by INEA which connected European hydropower projects.

The clustering projects are XFLEXHydro, AFC4Hydro, Hydroflex, Alpheus, HYPOSO, Amber, HYDROPOWER EUROPE, FIT Hydro.

The main messages from the workshop are:

  1. There is an interest in a discussion for the valuation of flexibility costs and revenues for flexibility services from the Hydropower plants
  2. There is an interest to investigate the benefits of flexible operation of flexible power plants for an active river environment management (FITHydro) which could complement the environmental impact investigation from the technology-oriented projects (XFLEXHydro-AFC4Hydro-Hydroflex-Alpheus)
  3. Alpheus is keen on having feedback from the projects on the environmental issues for biological species (fish – FITHydro), and on the way to address flexibility (Hydroflex-AFC4Hydro-XFLEX)
  4. HYPOSO is keen on receiving info on the currently developed solutions in EU projects for its potential exploitation in developing countries
  5. AMBER is  keen on receiving submissions from the projects for its paper on connectivity


Access the attached HYDROPOWER EUROPE presentation.

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