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VGB Expert Event Ecology and Environment in Hydropower 2021

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Dates: 19/05/2021 12:00 CET - 20/05/2021 18:00 CET

    Environmental protection and preservation of nature are one of key challenges not only for hydropower but for society as a whole. As one of the most environmentally and climate-friendly forms of energy generation, hydropower plays an important part in the current energy system and that of the future. For this, balancing hydropower and ecology in the best possible way is a key aspect to ensure the further expansion of hydropower, while also maintaining existing plants to meet responsibilities and ameliorate the public perception. Due to a large number of influences on the fish population and the condition of the bodies of water, it is advisable to consider the entire spectrum in terms of impact and cost-efficiency.

    The international event will bring together experts from leading operators, manufacturers and suppliers, authorities, scientists as well as related stakeholders to discuss important issues in the field of ecology and environment in hydropower in the sessions on:

    • Good practices of ecological hydraulic engineering and renaturation measures
    • Country experiences with the implementation of the WFD
    • Sediment management strategies and approaches for operating with hydropeaking
    • Lessons learned from fish migration and monitoring systems

    The online web conference consists of:

    • Webinar with 12 lectures
    • Virtual breakout rooms after each session with the opportunity to meet the experts 

    Take a look at the programme: https://vgb.zummit.com/events/eehpp-2021/4090/JERXH/ 

    Register here: https://www.vgb.org/en/mform-form_id-791861.html  

    Contact: Hendrik Multhaupt
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    Status: Final

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