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Interactive Workshop - Addressing technical, environmental, and social challenges for hydropower as a catalyst for the clean energy transition in Europe

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Dates: 12/10/2020 09:00 CET - 13/10/2020 12:00 CET

Due to its flexibility in generating, storing and releasing energy, hydropower can be a catalyst for the clean energy transition in Europe. However, hydropower faces a complex set of policy, environmental, societal, technological and market challenges. While hydropower is a catalyst for a carbon-neutral economy and a boost to regional development, its benefits are currently not valued in the market. Therefore, hydropower needs to become more cost-competitive and find novel and acceptable approaches to future development in accordance with evolving environmental and social demands.

This interactive online workshop focusses discussion and feedback around key issues affecting four main topic areas:

(i)           Policy and regulatory issues
(ii)          Technical challenges and research and innovation priorities
(iii)         Environmental issues
(iv)         Social issues

For more information, please visit the Online Workshop webpage

Contact: Diana Prsancova
Contact Email: dprsancova@zabala.eu
Contact Phone:
Address: Online
Status: Final

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