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Implementing the EU Taxonomy in the Energy Industry

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Dates: 18/01/2022 14:00 CET - 18/01/2022 15:00 CET


  1. Current status of the EU Taxonomy
  2. The implications for the energy industry
  3. Technical Programme

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Technical Programme

Implementing the EU Taxonomy in the Energy Industry: Part I - the Climate Delegated Act

The EU Taxonomy Regulation (2020/852) establishes a classification system of environmentally sustainable economic activities. As detailed technical criteria have to be fulfilled and documented, vgbe energy supports the energy industry (utilities, manufacturers, etc.) in assessing their environmentally sustainable activities, applying the Climate Delegated Act of the EU Taxonomy.

Via activity-specific workshops participants will be enabled to exchange and discuss approaches, to share their experience and expectations related to the EU Taxonomy as well as to align ways of fulfilment and documentation.

Learn more about the approach, types of analysis expected, participation, etc. by following this Link for a closer look at the Technical Programme or by downloading our programme here.

Contact: Mario Bachhiesl
Contact Email: mario.bachhiesl@vgbe.energy
Contact Phone:
Address: online
Status: Final

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