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Watch the sessions of “Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe” event in Lyon

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HydroES 2021 took place last 22-24 September 2021 around the theme "Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe", the idea that we have been transmitting from the forum since its creation. The first day, Hydropower Europe had the honour of organising a whole day session. 

Some of the conclussions drawn were:

  1. Hydropower still has great potential and room for development that must be achieved, otherwise hydropower will not be the catalyst for the energy transition.
  2. The hydropower sector also needs strategic actions, in terms of recommendations not only to the European Commission, but also to the whole industry, to make it known that hydropower is essential to the energy transition.
  3. The industry needs to unite its forces to speak with a permanent voice in Europe, which will have repercussions at the global level, as European hydropower companies work all over the world.



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