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HYDROPOWER EUROPE on the 6th International Hydropower Conference Western Balkans

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REECO gathered the regional key market players, international industry and investors in cooperation with local authorities and international associations for lively discussions. The aim of the event was to show a wide audience the developments happening in the hydropower industry in Southeastern Europe, to cultivate old contacts and establish new ones. Speakers from various countries showcased the best practice examples, their latest innovations and challenges.

Maintenance and Modernization Hydropower Seminar

HYDROPOWER EUROPE learnt from experts of leading universities and manufacturer companies about innovative technical approaches for risk reduction, operating and maintaining of hydropower plants.

Innovative approaches to the design, operations and maintenance of hydropower facilities are needed to ensure optimal performance. The expert workshop provided a comprehensive overview of maintaining hydropower assets and aims at transferring knowledge in order to benefit from innovative and newly developed approaches.

HYDROPOWER EUROPE introduced the project to the audience in the western Balkans which helped to populate the Consultation Platform. Further steps include a possibility to present the results at another conference in the region.

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