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  08th December 2021

The Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) and the Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR)

Hydropower in Europe faces a large number of challenges and that to meet these environmental, societal, technological and commercial ones, new approaches are needed. Europe's desire to decarbonise energy is a unique opportunity for hydropower to redeploy itself, provi

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Hydropower Dissemination Event: “Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe”

  The theme of this year's SHF HydroES 2021 was "Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe". This theme summarises the vision that the HYDROPOWER EUROPE forum has been promoting since 2018. It was the occasion for the forum to present its vision, on the first day o

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Watch the sessions of “Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe” event in Lyon

  HydroES 2021 took place last 22-24 September 2021 around the theme "Hydropower, a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe", the idea that we have been transmitting from the forum since its creation. The first day, Hydropower Europe had the honour of organising a whole day sess

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Hydropower Europe featured at "Energetyka Wodna" magazine

 Our colleague Jean-Jacques FRY was featured in "Energetyka Wodna"​ magazine with his article: " HYDROPOWER EUROPE – A ROADMAP FOR EUROPEAN HYDROPOWER SECTOR DEVELOPMENT" where he explains the role of hydropower in the European energy transition, what we do at HYDROPOWER EUROPE forum

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Participation at Hydroforum 2021 in Gdansk

Hydroforum 2021, was the 10th edition of the Polish Hydropower Association organized on 13-15th October in Gdansk by Professor Janusz Steller. 130 participants were registered to attend 31 Lectures in 8 sessions wit

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Participation at Hydro21 in Grenoble

  HYDRO 21 is an event that gathered about a thousand participants over two days in Grenoble in person and by videoconference. Two of our colleagues, Dr. Anton Schle

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Anton Schleiss at the World Hydropower Congress

As coordinator of Coordinator of HYDROPOWER EUROPE, Anton Schleiss was invited to participate to a pre-recorded session of World Hydropower Congress, organised by the International Hydropower Associ

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IEA Hydropower Technology Collaboration Programme - Annex XVI - Workshop

On behalf of Hydropower Europe, Prof. Anton Schleiss was invited as a speaker to the online workshop organized under the IEA Hydropower Technology Collaboration Programme on July 1st 2021. Prof. Schleiss made a presentation entitled "Hydropower Europe Forum - Hidden and Untapped Hydropower Opport

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HYDROPOWER EUROPE hosted a Partner Event about potential pollution in hydropower during the EU Green Week 2021

On the 8th of June 2021, over 70 of the almost 100 registered attendees joined the experts in a roundtable discussion on the topic “Hydropower: how to avoid potential pollution sources and to mitigate environmental impacts by innovative measures and concepts” to shed light on good practice that should serve as the basic standard for hydropower deployment.

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