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  26th April 2021

HYDROPOWER EUROPE invites you to the European Conference on Access to Risk Finance for Clean Energy Technologies

HYDROPOWER EUROPE, a partner of the SMARTSPEND event European Conference on Access to Risk Finance for Energy Transition, invites you to the conference which will be held on 25 – 27 May 2021. This high-level conference is an opportunity for energy research and industry, private financing providers and EU policymakers to exchange views about how to finance efficiently the clean energy transition.

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HYDROPOWER EUROPE contributes to IEA Hydro activities

HYDROPOWER EUROPE regularly participates and contributes to the IEA Technology Cooperation Programme on Hydropowerhydro activities. The IEA Hydro is a working group of International Energy Agency member countries and others who have a common interest in advancing hydropower worldwide. IEA activities provide input for the preparation of HPE’s main outcomes, namely the Research and Innovation Agenda (RIA) and the Strategic Industry Roadmap (SIR). 

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The International Conference on Fishfriendy Hydropower

On the 18th of March 2021, the FIThydro project organised the International Conference on Fishfriendy Hydropower - #hydrofish2021. HYDROPOWER EUROPE was invited to present highlights from its forum activities in the session Towards future research agenda for fish-friendly and sustainable hydropower.

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Watch the video presented at INCOLD Symposium 2021

On the 24th - 27th of February 2021, INCOLD hosted a Symposium on the Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins. During the plenary session, Anton Schleiss took the opportunity to present the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum with a talk entitled Hydropower and dams as a catalyst for the energy transition in Europe.

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Cluster workshop of European hydropower projects

The management team of Hydropower Europe project represented by Anton SCHLEISS, Lead of Hydropower Europe, and Jean-Jacques FRY, President of the European Club of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), participated in the workshop organised by INEA which connected European hydropower projects.

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HYDROPOWER EUROPE hosted a roundtable for European NGOs

On the 19th of January 2021, over 20 representatives from non-governmental organisations met together with the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum to address the environmental and socio-economic challenges that European countries are facing at an online roundtable. 

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Key hydropower sector stakeholders met to shape hydropower’s role in the clean energy transition

On 12th and 13th October 2020, over 160 hydropower industry, civil society and policy representatives met to answer technical, environmental and social challenges for hydropower as a catalyst for the clean energy transition in Europe at a HYDROPOWER EUROPE online event.

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